Xml schema validating parser

boolean decimal Notes: the total Digits, fraction Digits and enumeration facets are not supported on decimal or any types derived from decimal (all numeric types).

integer int short byte unsigned Int unsigned Short unsigned Byte positive Integer negative Integer non Positive Integer non Negative Integer date Time Notes: Although date Time correctly validates the lexical format it does not offer comparison facets (min*, max*, enumeration).

Requiring users to install Xerces is simply too onerous a requirement; few will have it already and the Xerces installation system leaves much to be desired.

On CPAN, the only available XML Schema validator is XML:: Schema.

Unfortunately, this module isn't ready for use as it lacks the ability to actually parse the XML Schema document format!

This is extensive, has several obscure features, which, although supported by XML/Ada, are of little use in most pratical uses.

We refer the reader to the first part of the XML Schema specification, which is designed as a tutorial (

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