Xbox 360 keeps updating games

The old console version was different to the Pocket Edition version - so imported worlds from Minecraft: Xbox One Edition now need redstone to be rewired to work.

Coordinates - being able to see your exact position on the game's map - also worked differently, depending on platform.

Reinstating a console-style UI, at least as an option for Minecraft on console, is one of the highest requests out of more than 5800 ideas.

"This is the major reason that keeps me from moving away from Xbox One Edition," one fan wrote.

I was in the room, and the reaction was deafening — far louder than for anything else Microsoft announced that day.

At the time, I thought this was a little misplaced, though I appreciated the technical achievement.

What I didn’t know is how brilliantly Microsoft would implement the system.

Whether you insert an old game into your Xbox One’s disc drive or buy a digital copy online, the title gets added to your list of games and becomes associated with your account just like any new release would be.

Playing with fans across platforms undoubtedly still feels like the future for Minecraft - but right now on console, the option feels like it does not outweigh the Better Together version's other issues.It's a completely different game - one which is almost identical to Minecraft's previous Pocket Edition for mobiles. Minecraft console developer 4J Studios has, for more than half a decade, built a version of Minecraft which feels great when played with a console controller.This change has already occurred on Xbox One, with the old Minecraft: Xbox One Edition replaced in the console's store with a separate game client, just named "Minecraft". (Microsoft's new version of Minecraft no longer lists 4J in the game's opening splash screens.) The new version of Minecraft has ditched the console version's user interface completely.360 games load faster and often run smoother than they did on their original system, meanwhile, and sometimes even get specific enhancements for the Xbox One S and X.It’s kind of amazing, for instance, that I can put the , a Sega rail shooter that has never been released since its debut on the Xbox in 2002, but got added to the backwards compatibility list this week.

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