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If a video is popular enough it will move into the CDN.Video bandwidth dependent, not really latency dependent.大型、高负载网站架构和应用初探 时间:30-45分钟 开题:163,sina,sohu等网站他们有很多应用程序都是PHP写的,为什么他们究竟是如何能做出同时跑几千人甚至上万同时在线应用程序呢? For example, as the popularity of a web application grows, it can be called scalable if you can maintain good performance metrics by simply making small hardware additions.

A lot of CPU is spent reading and blending feeds unecessarily because there's no reliable cross implementation way to tell when a feed has really changed or not.

Library This is a collection of Slides, presentations and videos on topics related to designing of high throughput, scalable, highly available websites I’ve been collecting for a while.

Dedicated servers with higher end CPUs, RAM, and persistent storage are still not cheap.

To get a better idea of what was in store for a heavily loaded PHP application, I set up an interview with Owen Byrne, cofounder and Senior Software Engineer at Other things to consider: under what conditions does your database invalidate caches, when does it sort on disk rather than in memory, when does it need to create temporary tables, etc.

Fundamentally that means a smaller overall footprint at the cost of performance — the usual performance/memory tradeoff found everywhere in computer science.

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