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Most of them were quiet guys who found the South Beach scene intimidating. Lieber describes himself as that guy who sat in the corner at high school parties and didn't speak.

But in this program, the average age of participants was 51, and almost everyone had a master’s degree and decades of experience.

The store you probably spend the most time in isn’t a boutique or a department store.

I’ll bet, over the course of a year, it’s the supermarket.

On average, supermarket customers shop for groceries twice a week and spend about 0. While each chain is distinct in terms of pricing and store environment, there are commonalities in how many of them are designed, said Paco Underhill, a consultant and author who studies the science of how people shop all over the world. Louis, Charlotte, and Phoenix have made bigger strides when it comes to growing as tech hubs.

In South Florida, Publix is the marketshare leader – dominating with close to 250 stores. There’s an enormous push in South Florida right now to grab more of the innovation economy, but we’re not the only region making a play for this sector.

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