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Rather than allowing the inspector to review more logbook entries than are necessary or pertinent at the time of the ramp check, I prefer having the opportunity after the ramp check to simply photocopy the pages documenting your currency and then providing them to the inspector.

Aircraft Documents In The Aircraft Similar to the requirement that you have certain personal documents in your possession, the aircraft you fly also needs to contain certain documents.

In this post 9/11 era, knowing who is at the airport and what they are doing is good practice and prevention. Second, if the person is an FAA inspector, you want to find that out as soon as possible.

Logbook Next, the inspector may ask to see your flight logbook.

The aircraft’s airworthiness certificate will likely be inspected as well.

Here again, make sure the N−number on the certificate matches the N−number on the aircraft data plate.

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However, an inspector cannot inspect the interior of your aircraft without consent. Personal Documents When you fly an aircraft, you must have certain personal documents in your possession. Some of those items and how you produce them for the FAA inspector are discussed below. Much of it is information all pilots learned, or should have learned, when they learned how to fly.From a compliance perspective and, more importantly, from a safety perspective, use current and appropriate charts.Interacting With The Inspector During the course of the ramp check, you can also take the initiative and ask the inspector questions.

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