Wow updating azeroth models

Am I the only one who thinks my char has gone from smokin' hot to getting a John Rivers-style facelift and what seems like a stick up the butt? While I'm sure much attention was given to maintaining the integrity of the source material, I just cannot see my character in there.

I just can't believe someone drew this model and walked away thinking, this is a great match, There are plenty of people who love the new models as much as others hate them, but either way, I think most people agree that only a few of the new models have captured the personality and essence of the 2004 originals.

The official response is interesting, and a fairly clear insight into the problems - which is essentially beauty, or rather in this case, aesthetic parity, is in the eye of the beholder.

Community manager Bashiok explains, "with the old models looking as...

One wonders why they've fallen so short of what was promised at Blizzcon last year, when Wo W Art Director Chris Robinson essentially promised faithful new versions that players will say, "Yes!

Players will also celebrate turning 15 years old during 8.2.5.

I'm one of those who's on the "WTF" end of things when it comes to my main character.

Here she is in all her original glory (left), while the right shot shows her new face and more "voluptuous" body.

Before I go any further, it's important to recognize that Blizzard tried to pre-empt complaints by simply enabling players to chooese whether or not to use the new models.

A sensible option for sure, and I will most certainly be one of the players using it.

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