Woman regrets dating someone spontaneous

She and I can't stop talking the whole night..our friend left back to his room.

I saw her struggling to type on my laptop,she was so cute..somehow I couldn't find myself resisting her..I went over and kissed her.

Here follows are a mind boggling catalogue of dating disasters that we should bear in mind as lessons learned. Not withstanding the lies, deceit, regret, cheating and false promises, on NO occasion did anyone I asked have a good outcome for their married affairs.

This is a biggie because we are dealing with the eternal niggling "what if.." question. Just look at the popularity of reunion sites on the Internet just now. Whilst perhaps a worthy concept in itself it does none of us a service. It appears that there are plenty of people out there who have dated people for the wrong reasons and lived to regret it. Looking back it is obvious which people we perhaps should never have dated but there are plenty of us who dated the wrong person at the time and knew we were doing it. A great many of us appear to be wishing we had sorted out our love lives earlier. All too often the decision was regretted very quickly only to find that the rejected partner had closed and bolted the door and you were never going to be allowed back.

This tends to come out as a regret at a time when other things are not going well and you find yourself fantasizing. The fact is, too many of us have stayed in long term relationships that were not good for ourselves and our partners. Infidelity is the primary cause, or more to the point, getting caught. Treating someone badly in a relationship always comes back to haunt you if you are the guilty party, however empowering it may have felt at the time.

We both met when she was backpacking through Australia with her friend.

while she was backpacking,she worked part time the company I was working for.

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