Wine dating in montreal

Nous nous battons pour la véracité, l’authenticité et la franchise dans les discours concernant le vin et cherchons à présenter au public de délicieuses cuvées de qualité.

Tous nos artisans produisent des vins naturels, biologiques ou biodynamiques vinifiés de manière peu ou pas interventionniste.

La Céleste Levure arose from a combination of Charles Goyer’s passions, back when he was still a young Ph D student: yeast, the genes of which he studies, and wine, made from yeast.

In 1989, Goyer starts a tasting club which leads to the creation of a wine agency dedicated to California wines in 1993.

At the time, La Céleste Levure, the work of a man and often his wife Sylvie, merges with an established Quebec agency to ensure a better distribution of its wines on the market.

With the arrival of André Tremblay, passionate investor, in 2000, La Céleste Levure becomes independent, to better meet the demands of both its customers and producers, and address the challenge of an increasingly competitive environment.

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offers a trendy high-end ambiance with a vast selection of appetizers, charcuteries, cheeses, oysters and wines.Some wines will eventually become regular products, available at all times in SAQ stores.La Céleste Levure has developed the tools and know-hows enabling our suppliers to thrive on the Quebec market, whether their wines are occasional specialties or general listings.Nevertheless, the name Céleste Levure on the bottle remains a pledge of integrity and pleasure without compromise.La Céleste Levure represents over a hundred producers from different areas of the world, with an emphasis on California, Spain, France and Italy.

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