Wii key updating

Drivekey, the world’s first entirely solder-less and absolutely no clip modification chip to the Nintendo Wii, has now arrived on the shelves of online stores and ready to take over the market after so much of its pre-launch hype.It continues to stay the only solution for Wii DVD-ROM drives like D3 aka D2nothing that had some extra anti-piracy features implemented and leads the future of 4th generation modchips for the Wii .There are many methods to do this which depends on the drive or its utilities or the software which is used for burning by you.If you want to see the instructions for burning with DVD R using IMGBURN by changing the book type setting, you can go here.

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The Drivekey, unlike other chips, identifies the discs very fast and show them up in the Disc Channel menu.So, there is a little loading delay but all the games which were being tested worked fine and you can’t tell any difference while you are playing the game.The one more limitation is that it does not support Game Cube games that contain CDDA tracks which come up during the play and one can be stuck with a stammering sound.) Integrates proven D2CKey Intelligent Code Modifying System Supports, SMG, SSBB and other 'problem' titles No soldering necessary No external PC/laptop needed Ultra-low power consumption; does not interfere with normal Wii operation No awkward USB interface - just insert DVD and play!Using the DVD-R discs for burning the legal backups is very simple and easy to do but if you are using the DVD R discs or DVD RW discs, the book type needs to be changed firstly to DVD-ROM manually.

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