Why am i not dating material

He has room for you now, and if he doesn’t, he’s specifically rearranging his priorities so that he does because you matter to him. Boyfriend material doesn’t just like you, he admires your mind, body, and soul.He should be slightly in awe of your presence, like he can’t quite believe his luck that a goddess like you even exists, let alone that you’re in his life. A guy who’s boyfriend material will open your eyes to something new, whether that’s one of his hobbies, a new cuisine, or a completely new perspective on one of the Big Things in life that you hadn’t considered before.Something about him makes the world seem bigger and more amazing than it did before you met, and that’s a gift. Sex is a huge part of most relationships, so something special should be happening between you.Sometimes this is unparalleled lust and sometimes it’s just a sweetness when you come together that you’ve never experienced before — maybe both.

When she's not writing, the UC Davis graduate is focused on pursuits of the entertainment industry, spin class, and hot sauce.It’s not because you’re infatuated with him (though there’s no shortage of lust there) but because he’s so special. A guy who’s good boyfriend material is always honest, and not just in the sense that he isn’t actively lying or hiding things from you.He’s thoughtful, kind, and always goes out of his way to make you feel appreciated. He’s honest about his thoughts and feelings and hopes and fears on any topic because he’s comfortable opening up to you and values your thoughts about his thoughts.While some of the stuff you’re looking for in a relationship and a potential partner will be unique to you, there are certain qualities that any man who’s “boyfriend material” will have right off the bat.If he does these things, you may have finally found a keeper: Erasing any doubts about the relationship.

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