Who was whitney houston currently dating

Old colleagues of her producer, Clive Davis, recall that he deliberately marketed her to white listeners.

Most controversially, perhaps, the movie confirms that Houston was romantically involved with Robyn Crawford, her “best friend,” a relationship that was discouraged by her homophobic family and production team while it lasted and hushed up after it was over.

She hasn’t started dating Bobby Brown yet, and she’s still years away from appearing on television visibly high, as she did when Diane Sawyer interviewed her in 2002.“I knew she was something that I didn’t want my sister to be involved with.” He calls her evil, wicked.In this movie—though not in the previous one—we hear the Houston clan confirm that they paid a man to break Crawford’s legs.She was maid of honor at Houston’s 1994 wedding to Bobby Brown.Brown has admitted that he “knew” that the two women were together, though it’s unclear when and how friendship became romance and vice versa.

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