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It looks like the same internet site confirms that they are really dating, because they rely on one source.

If Nelly girlfriend gets along with his family as good as it seems that she would be perfect for him as a wife also.

TRL: Mom you got to understand your baby girl pubizing things. 3 shakira “the one”.[Cheering]TRL: There goes shakira “the one” at no. The first day she managed to get more votes than avril congratulations to her. TRL: Kelly a bunch of people lovin’ you and wantin’ to ask you a lot of questions. TRL: My esteemed colleagues are with them getting questions. George: What’s up kelly i love you and you are beautiful.

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Further, Nelly girlfriend has been hanging out with 18 year old Chanel, who is his daughter and that is another good thing, because she gets along with his family then their relationship should be easy enough for them both. TRL: I know you’ve been actin’ and singin’ and all that b are you gettin’ a from it all? I’m lovin’ workin’ right now I’m extremely busy but i love it, i love it. The singer Nelly that has made plenty of popular songs attracts plenty of fans, but he has been in a long term relationship with Ashanti that was called as Nelly girlfriend, but then the rumors started that they broke up their relationship for some kind of reasons and that he was single for some time.At first people did not believe these rumors, because the couple has been together for a really long time, but now it appears that there is a new Nelly girlfriend and her name is Tae Heckard, so all of the people that believed that Nelly is going to get back to Ashanti should be disappointed, because he is comfortable with the new Nelly girlfriend Tae.

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