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Zahn plays perhaps the strangest character of them all, Michael Fenne, the “founder” of Pixelon, a proto You Tube built on faulty technology by a man who turned out to be on the run from embezzlement charges in Virginia. I think it's the definition of insanity, if you're concerned about something you literally don't have any control over. He went from zero in the hole to like in two years. And then I saw an interview he did with Chris Cuomo, like in the late '90s. He's obviously very intelligent but I'm like, " is the guy? But there were all these other people in this industry at the time willing to scam and be scammed.

In the perfect metaphor of the empty facade of tech, Pixelon launched with a multi-million dollar party that got The Who out of retirement to perform, only to come crumbling down when everyone realized it was all built on a lie. I've done so many movies that people are blown away when they find out they weren't successful on a business level. And they were all willing to not look past this because they were like, "This is gonna make me billions. I mean it'll sink the biggest ship in the world.

We're sitting in a hotel in midtown Manhattan, and Steve Zahn excitedly interrupts our interview to make me try his cereal milk. And it was like, okay, I guess I'm comes out and I'm like, "Hey, I didn't read that." I've evolved man, I'm not that guy anymore. Do you think there was a reason you were so good at playing those weirdo and stoner roles?

He and his teenage daughter had dropped by Milk Bar earlier that day, and still had a paper cup of Christina Tosi’s infamous creation sitting at their lunch table. I'm a character actor, and I'm proud to be one. I can go be in a small movie in a really cool part or I can be a lead.

Sources declined to discuss any details of Zahn’s “love book” or where exactly it was found, except to say, “She was indiscreet.” The former CNN anchor’s affair with Fribourg became public knowledge in April, when it was announced that Zahn and Cohen were parting ways after 20 years.

Unfortunately people grow old and then they get mean. You're constantly trying to figure out the tone in which you're trying to stay within the scene as an actor.

"Did you anticipate that the issues brought up in would also still be something now we're dealing with today? You mentioned early on, regardless of their financial success, it does seem like you have a good eye for movies. You know it's not good movies, it's good . When you're an actor in the theater, you're servicing a play.

“This had been going on at least a couple of years,” another friend said. There’s no mystery – it has plenty of detail.” The friend described the book as “as something like a high school girl would write. At the time the pair hooked up, Cohen and Fribourg were “playing golf together, tennis together.

Their families spent time with each other.” Fribourg, a father of four, is now getting divorced from his stunning wife, Josabeth. for his own use and benefit.” A source close to Cohen said Zahn was actually the one using smoke and mirrors in a bid to try to weasel out of their prenuptial agreement.

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