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But now she seems to be letting us inside her world just a bit with the cliffhanger ending of her new music video, which incidentally debuted on National Coming Out Day yesterday. Kudos to her for artistically showcasing her truth without all the pomp and circumstance. Unless of course this was just a publicity move to get people to listen to the song in which case I’ll just say congratulations! “He made me feel like every love song I’ve ever written. The couple met in July 2015 while she was on the Floetry reunion tour and he was one of the roadies. “I just knew he was very attractive and a distraction that I was completely set on staying away from.” But, a month into the tour, after a gig in Norfolk, Virginia they started chatting and strolling as they looked for somewhere to eat.This was what I was talking about,” Marsha says of her boyfriend. “It was a four-hour walk through Downtown to the ‘hood and back to our hotel,” she says. This page is updated often with new details about Mary Wilson. If you see something that doesn’t look right, contact us.

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Two, if, in fact, this is Marsha’s own coming out or even just a nod to lesbian women, I can value the presentation without all the hype over a “gay scene” so to speak or all of the theatrics over her announcing her sexual preference.Girl-on-girl action has become the hot thing to do for attention these days, Nicki Minaj being the most recent (and grandest) offender.But some are wondering whether Marsha Ambrosius might be in the lesbian for play play camp now after looking at the video for her new song, “F**k N Get it Over With.” Of course there’s always the other possibility too, that she’s actually into women and this is her creative coming out.Marsha Ambrosius is talking about that video—the one that went viral when she posted it to Instagram.In the clip, Marsha is brushing her teeth while her boyfriend, Dez Billups, caresses her tummy, lip-synching to Drake’s At one point he bends Marsha over the sink and they grind.

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