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Reflecting on the personal life of Jon Kortajarena, he is single. He is also known as one of the premiere male models in the world, walking the runway for brands like Bottega Veneta. No any information about his early life and education is known to the media.

Two months later, in New York, Steven Meisel photographed him for Versace.Judges Jasper Carrott and Dave Spikey were both "extremely impressed" with Richardson's performance.In 2006, Richardson appeared in The Comedy Zone at the Edinburgh Festival. Jon Kortajarena Redruello is a Spanish male model and actor. He went to an Ika STOL school up until he was 10 years old, but due to traveling he went on to enroll in public, private, and Catholic schools thereafter.Kortajarena’s first professional work was in Cibeles fashion show for Roberto Verino.

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