Who is fatima bhutto dating

Bhutto is a political voice, yes, but not a politician.She claims she has no intention to have a career in politics, though she has been asked about it many times.While narrating Anita’s story, Bhutto vividly describes her shame at her impoverished circumstances as well as her curiosity about and enchantment with the ways of a privileged world that she secretly observes and tries to emulate. When her anger finally comes to the surface, she begins to question the manner in which the rich and the powerful treat those from the ‘other’ side of the bridge.

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Spanning the slums of Karachi and a seaside English town, it traces the story of three people who are forced to make a terrible choice after crossing paths in a desert.

The writer even once suspected Benazir of being involved in her father’s death and is critical of her aunt’s capacity for corruption.

Despite the politics and the past, at the moment, Pakistan is drowning and Bhutto knows it.

It is a political family that has borne the burden of power: Fatima’s grandfather, founder of the Pakistan People’s Party, was hanged. Her father — a political activist — was gunned down by police.

And in December 2007 her aunt Benazir, the first woman to serve as prime minister in an Islamic country, was assassinated by extremists after a campaign rally in Rawalpindi.

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