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The resulting hype helped pave the way for Undiscovered's arrival in late October.

He has stated that, for seven years, she helped pay for his dance, piano, and guitar lessons out of her own paychecks.

Brooke's road to becoming a pop star not to mention an actively dating teen overcoming an overprotective father was concurrently documented alongside the Hogan family's daily life.

After issuing a "mixtape," Judgement Day, as a free digital download, she returned her attention to The Redemption, which arrived in July and included cameos by Colby O'Donis and Flo Rida.

Interscope asked Colby to sing on Gaga's track since she was a nobody and needed some traction. I believe Shelly Rio is the model in the Colby O'Donis video but not 100% sure. Rio/Wrong its Sherylynn Summer (Asian) And Anna Rincon (Latina) Colby O'donis is very much single..was in a relationship not to long ago...

Beginnings[ edit ] When he was eight, his parents relocated to Orlando, Florida and a year later he began collaborating with the production group Full Force , the same group that had worked with the Backstreet Boys , 'N Sync , and Britney Spears.

Having just turned 20 years old, Brooke parlayed her new independence into another reality TV series, Brooke Knows Best, which launched that summer.

O'Donis agreed and, for the next two years, he waited for the label to "get going and achieve the stature they need to launch new artists" before being officially signed.

She couldn't take the lifestyle that he's getting prepared for and left him.yah he said he's always looking for that special someone..

Colby O'donis is very much single..was in a relationship not to long ago...

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