When updating security for a remote procedure call rpc

The RPC API provides access to all aspects of the binding process.

Each binding consists a set of components that can be separately manipulated by applications, including protocol and addressing information, interface information and object information.

Specifically, the call itself is made as a local procedure call, and the underlying RPC mechanism handles the remoteness transparently.

Server interface programming is thus similar to local procedure call programming, except that the handler of the call runs in a separate address space and security domain.

As such, it is a necessary prerequisite to the understanding of the manual pages, and the manual pages assume knowledge of this chapter, even when they do not make explicit reference to it.

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RPC does provide a means to specify interface versions and a protocol to select a compatible interface version at bind time (see When an interface is specified as a new version of an existing interface, the server manager code must provide the required version compatibility.This allows servers to establish many binding paths to their resources and allows clients to make binding choices based on all of the components.These capabilities are the basis for defining a variety of server resource models.RPC includes a mechanism to return such remote errors to the caller.RPC extends the local cancel mechanism by forwarding cancels that occur during an RPC to the server handling the call, allowing the server application code to handle the cancel.

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