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Both her father and brother were verbally abusive, and she did not have as much friends she would with the Scooby Gang.

You have to learn if we're even the same people we were. It's a long and important process, and can we just skip it? ” roughly the same age as the rest of the Scoobies.

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When the First Slayer attacked Buffy, Xander, Willow and Giles in their dreams, Tara briefly appeared in Willow's dream, as well as acting as the voice for the First Slayer.

When the demon group of the Gentlemen stole the voices of everyone in Sunnydale to obtain hearts, Tara took it upon herself to meet Willow so that they could try restoring everyone's speech as she had a book of spells about sound and vocalizations.

Since the Wicca group did not consist of real witches, Tara took notice of Willow when she spoke out about actually performing spells.

This gave Tara a new found confidence, as she had stood up to them, and she got to celebrate her birthday with those she truly loved as a result.

She celebrated at The Bronze with the gang, and slow danced with Willow while magically levitating.

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