When did you start dating

I'm not saying use a pick up line on every woman you see but just start conversations whenever you can and see where they take you.

I got a girls number a couple days into college but it never went anywhere.

She mistook me for another guy and I was an absolute drunken idiot.

Fast forward a semester, and we were spending way too much time together doing nothing.

I am a fairly socially active guy and it's been hard for me so understand that it's not easy no matter what you do.

I essentially just try to meet women wherever I go.

When I stopped "wanting/looking" for a gf, they started coming to me. Parties are your best bet, it's not too late to go, it's college.

For our group, we always hung out in a specific dorm lounge late at night. Interestingly enough, she hated me when she first met me.This is the one time in life where you have a good gender ratio and people are open to new people without any recourse.Make approaches, you have the ability to make mistakes and learn from them now.Just have it as something to do when you're bored, but don't rely on it :)Tinder is garbage.I've had more success just talking to classmates I found attractive and asking out compared to hours and hours of using tinder. Frankly, I think you should push your boundaries a bit and learn to approach women.

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