Weve been dating for three months

Basically, I think you should define the relationship if A.

You both are diving in head-first (stop playing games and just be together already! You have issues with the other person or yourself being monogamous — it’s better to have the talk early to avoid being shattered by a situation where you weren’t 'technically' together.

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I hooked up with a girl at a party once and was pretty instantly in love with her, but she was not looking for a relationship.Dating today is filled with question marks, unspoken rules, and just a general sense of mystery.We're all tasked with balancing definitive interest with that hard-to-get chase, ensuring that our love interests know we're into them, but not, like, into them.There's no set timeline, nor a standard relationship yard stick, to let you know what's right at what times — you've just got to trust your gut (and your SO) and go at a pace that works for you two."There isn't a perfect way to do it," says Nicole Richardson, licensed marriage and family therapist.

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