We match for you dating workaholic

Dating Chi Ming is the closest I’ve gotten to dating Elon Musk.

Before meeting him, I have a laid-back attitude about everything.

To save yourself from the frustrations of cancelled dates, schedule it. The reason why he spends less time with you is because he’s prioritising other things in his life.

With Chi Ming, I’d schedule our dates two weeks in advance and wait, that’s not all – in the days leading up the date, I had to drop subtle reminders that we’re meeting up. Short texts like “Hey, I can’t wait to meet you this Friday! Clearly, whoever came up with the advice to ‘find a man who puts you first’ has never dated a workaholic.

Even with a good movie picked out, he would doze off in my embrace thanks to his lack of sleep.

Strangely, I felt more alone with him in my arms than without.

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