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The network card looks for a PXE boot server within the local network, which provides a path to the NBP (Network Bootstrap Program).Lastly there is the ASF (Alert Standard Format), which takes care of advanced warning and system failure indications. But ASF leaves room for improvement, because it does not support authentication, encryption, the ability to reboot, real remote control, remote BIOS update and policy-based alerts.Although there are standards that enable remote PC management on a higher level than just the operating system, these lack interoperability and manageability.You might be familiar with some of the wake features, which enable computers to wake-on-LAN, wake-on-modem or wake-on-RTC.March 10, 2016 Fancy Bear sends phishing mails Russian hacker group Fancy Bear starts sending out phishing mails to employees working for the Hillary Clinton Campaign.

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· Please do not flash the BIOS UNLESS your system has a BIOS-related issue.The phishing mails contain a link to a page that looks like the Gmail login page.If the receiver fills in its username and password, Fancy Bear gains access to them.v Pro is a marketing-friendly product name such as Viiv or Centrino.It summarizes a number of features designed for business customers in the PC space.

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