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About Guys I Want To Meet: Looking for a nice, honest, like-minded guy with a wide variety of interests. I enjoy being active, being outdoors, staying in-shape, eating healthy (no junk food), travelling when I need to escape. About Guys I Want To Meet: Looking for someone compatible, in-shape, genuine, cute, of any nationality.About Guys I Want To Meet: I am looking for the basics to start: honesty (especially about your ages , guys) and a guy who is comfortable in his own skin. About Guys I Want To Meet: À la recherche d'un ou plusieurs hommes (couple) pour avoir du plaisir.0D $.post(" About Me: Will be in Vegas from August 9 to August 13 and in LA from August 14 to 18.Currently, you are looking at our chatters from Montreal (Montréal).You can browse Chat Hour members in other locations by clicking here.Its great to see other peoples journey and progression with fitness on this site. Just for fun, for those who don't already know it, ask yourself this; " how many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh? $.post(" About Me: I don t like the twink girly stuff . I work out 4 times a weak and love going out to the movie or at a restaurant.I love adrenaline rush activity on occasion but I am also a big kid/geek at heart and in my interest.

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Our singles chat room offers you the ability to meet tons of singles while being able to converse with them in real time.

If you are looking for a date, please try Montreal (Montréal) Dating site.

You can chat with our online users by visiting our main chat room. Other chat members near Montreal (Montréal) To chat with other Chat Hour members who live near Montreal (Montréal), you can use the following links to browse our chatters.

Maturity is of utmost importance when using our free singles chat room.

Acting or saying immature things will not get you any luck and will most likely result in you getting banned from the chat room.

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