Video chat memberships

This new program is being launched in partnership with custom merchandise platform Teespring.You Tube says that Teespring will retain a cut of the merchandise, which varies per item.Similar to sponsorships, You Tube retains 30 percent of sponsorship revenue after local sales tax is deducted, but covers all transaction costs, including credit card fees.Merchandise In addition to memberships, creators will also be able to sell to fans directly, starting today.However, the price point for backing a creator’s channel remains the same: .99 per month, and includes the custom badges and exclusive emoji.

This includes the rollout of channel memberships, merchandising, marketing partnerships via Fame Bit and the launch of “Premieres,” which offers a middle ground between pre-recorded, edited video and live streaming.Creators can also join in the chats as the video goes live to engage with their fans around this pre-recorded content, as well as comment on the videos before they start.When the Premiere wraps, it’s posted as a regular video on the site (without the two-minute countdown video You Tube adds).Effectively, the way this works is that there’s a flat price per item sold that goes back to Teespring, but the creator can mark up the item to whatever price they want, then keep the upside.For example, a single t-shirt’s base price is .22, but creators typically sell them for .

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