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Nonetheless, it seems this is much ado about nothing.

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To say that I had gotten into a deep, dark place might be an understatement. I had a string of dates that ended so poorly or completely went south before they even started. The reality of it is that I like my current experiences. I love sitting at home on a Saturday and reading a book for hours and drinking a glass of wine or a cup of tea.

This is on many actor’s resume if they have taken any acting class.

But, Vanessa Cobbs’ bio goes over the top claiming the fan-made When her past as a “professional” actress spread on social media, Vanessa Cobbs finally made a statement. She explained that she does non-profit work and is a dental assistant who did some extra work now and then.

But now, Vanessa cleared things up with a statement on her “career” as an actress.

We dug into her past too and can confirm the truth about whether or not she’s a professional scene player.

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