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However, UK postcodes follow strict formatting rules.

If you don't have access to the PAF, you can at least check that the postcodes in your application follow these rules.

If you do, keep in mind that the list of postal areas is itself subject to change - albeit infrequently - so be prepared to update the lookup table when necessary. * The code must be all caps, and must include a space * between the inward and outward portions (multiple * spaces are allowed). ENDFUNC As well as being a useful function in its own right, the above code neatly demonstrates a simple form of pattern matching.

Here then is our Fox Pro function for checking the validity of a UK postcode. LPARAMETERS tc Code LOCAL lc Test, lc In Letters, lc Inward, lc Outward tc Code = ALLTRIM(tc Code) * Check for the space IF SUBSTR(tc Code, LEN(tc Code)-3, 1) " " RETURN . ENDIF * Create a string in which all the capital letters * in the code are represented as A, all the digits * as 9, and all other characters remain unchanged. Rather than using a complex DO CASE construct to check the various combinations of string length and character values, we reduce the submitted postcode to a simple pattern in which letters are represented as As, digits as 9s, and all other characters (including spaces) are left unchanged.

In this article, I'll explain the format and syntax rules for UK postcodes, and show you some SQL Server code for parsing and validating them.

When it comes to validation, you can't simply check a postcode against a lookup table.

Most of the postal areas have two letters, but eight of them are represented by a single letter (e.g. As an exception, a few central London postcodes have an additional letter after the district.

In this article, we offer a VFP function that does just that.

(For an equivalent SQL Server function, see Parsing and validating UK postcodes in SQL Server.) The formatting rules for postcodes appear complex at first, but are in fact straightforward.

British postcodes do much more than speed the mail.

They play a vital role in many applications, especially in fields such as mapping, transportation, marketing and statistics.

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