Validating formulas in excel 2016

The goal of our validation strategy is to provide better testing and documentation of individual spreadsheets in less time.

Once we establish this methodology, we can rapidly apply it to many spreadsheets to reach compliance faster.

A good example is any spreadsheet that uses or is used with custom automation.

We have validated spreadsheets that contained hundreds of formulas and custom macros, but did not require any user intervention at all because they were created, populated with data and saved entirely by external code.

In this case, the focus of the validation was on validating formulas and macros, but security testing was limited to proving that users could not intercept or interrupt the operation at any time.

We will attempt to cover special or very complicated examples whenever possible, but it should be understood that anything not explicitly covered in this article can be added as needed to fit your existing validation requirements or for special cases.

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Visit Stack Exchange Applying data validation to a whole column is not a good practice.

We created a dependent list by Excel Data Validation Based on Another Cell where we used the INDIRECT function.

We saw how data entry can be restricted using the data validation based on another cell.

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