Validating a checkbox Gugu pretty mnyandu sex dating

Indeed, the built-in validator controls cannot validate the checkbox.

These functions simply change the display type of the div (with id ‘conditional_part’) .

And inside the anonymous function I placed the following code : First, we are using the dollar sign ‘$’ which is a shorthand for j Query so this $(‘#fluency’) is the same exact thing as j Query(‘#fluency’).

Then we are attaching to it an on change event and inside it we are using the anonymous function syntax for the second time.

22934 Now what we need to do is to attach an event to the checkbox so it checks it’s state each time it’s changed and show the message if it has been unchecked , notice I added a checked property to the checkbox so it is checked by default.

There are two events that you can attach to the checkbox to be fired once the checkbox value has been changed they are the onclick and the onchange events.

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