Updating wordpress theme

Word Press, with its huge market share, is the quintessential example: thanks to thousands of themes, plugins, whether pre-built or purely custom-coded, it allows you to enhance the design and/or the functionality of your site.A site, though, that will always need to be kept updated.Word Press developer and Codeable expert Daniel Klose explains: Your child theme 'stores' all of your customizations so that, when the theme provider releases a newer version of the theme you're using, that parent theme can safely be upgraded but the custom functionality you're using will remain in place. While updating parent themes is simple, updating child themes isn't as easy as that.If not upgraded properly, an update to a child theme might wipe away the custom edits made to it. Child themes are usually created either by the site owner or a developer who's been hired to add some customization to a theme.So it's better to know what the best practice looks like to both prevent the loss of your customization and/or understand whether the developer is a good one.

In fact, if it isn't possible to deploy a plugin customization through action and/or filters, the only other option available is just going off the road and ignore best practices.

What's the best way to update your Word Press website if it features any customizations without losing them? I vividly remember how I was concerned - read terrified - when I had no idea how updates and customizations work together.

Are you worried that some update might wipe out all your freshly deployed new features from your custom plugin? Let's put an expiry date to your concern, shall we? As you might know, the power of code is that it can be edited and customized to address any of your business needs.

In most cases, a child theme isn't usually "receiving" updates for this reason.

But child themes are also available as premium products you can buy.

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