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Introduces a subtitle that shows the game type and firmware limits. Create X:/seplugins/if it doesn’t exist and edit it by adding one of these on a new line: PSPgo (built-in storage): ef0:/seplugins/game_categories_1 All other PSP models: ms0:/seplugins/game_categories_1 Reboot your PSP using ‘RESTART VSH’ in the VSH menu so HEN is maintained. Visual Menu is a cool new visual menu add-on for Half Byte Loader.

Update: And already we’re at version 1.1 — “Fixed DLC’s (PARAM. Ity’s called v Menu and it display’s the thumbnail’s of each homebrew. Developer neur0n released a new alternate menu for HBL a few days ago, called v Menu (Visual Menu). What you will LOVE about this menu is that it shows you the thumbnail of each Homebrew, and it does it faster than the XMB The new version adds sound, and the possibility to browse the memory stick (version 1.1 was limited to the default folder) There are still a few bugs here and there (I found that version 1.2 doesn’t show all my homebrews, for example it doesn’t display Wagic ), but this looks super promising, I highly recommend you to try it!

d=3SOK4LBC The problem was not compatible with the module and Prometheus.

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Yes, we are aware that the upcoming Hen will change many things, but we also know that HBL remains the only way to run homebrews on new PSP models until that release, so we’re still [original] Prometheus_ME631 has emitted, the success solves GEB, the second language, game king 5 and so on game questions!

Fixed a display error that caused wrong information element categories. If the text is long, it automatically applies a scroll bar. - i R Shell Manual & FAQs are written by Stone Cut.

Installation Instructions: - This is a complete installation.

Magic Save plugins folder and the folder ms0 (ef0): / to copy. Ms0 (ef0): / plugins / in (If there is no creation) in a text editor. M33 retained the greatest advantages of the system and the Prometheus system of new features Function: with 5.03/5.50 Prometheus-2 CFW. Make sure the host model for the PSP-100X or the PSP-200X previous machine, the system version 5.00M33-6 Download the file extract to 5.00_Prometheus memory card into the PSP / GAME folder 2. Please press x button to install Prometheus System . If the game ISO already exists disc0: / PSP_GAME / SYSDIR / prometheus.prx, the system will disable the onboard Prometheus function. Ultimate Recovery Menu Installer from XMB to start it. First, before introducing the original body of the Recovery Menu file flash0: / vsh / module / to keep back up, [Make Backup] menu.

This function is to avoid conflict with Prometheus module designed. URM memo placed in the system folder is stored in a file named recovery_ [Ressourcen to flash0] If you choose flash0: / a, [Ressourcen to Memory Stick] and select the ms0: / a, sy Rec folder is created, files are written in it URM used.

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