Updating our website

Once in the control panel, you can usually make an FTP account.If none of these work then contact the hosting company.Typically the hosting company can only send the password to one of those contacts so if none of them are current you will have to prove that this is your site.

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HTML consists of a simple set of commands, interspersed with the text, that are indicated by being within angle brackets -"." To see some examples click on the view menu above and click "Page Source." Scroll down past the unintelligible stuff until you see this very text.For example, if you look up you will see that the name servers are: which tells you that the company hosting the site is of whom I am an affiliate.An easy way to find out just what company is hosting a web site is to use this handy tool: Web documents are usually written in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and are shown with the icon for your browser in "My Computer" or Windows "Explorer." The file type is either ".html" or ".htm" or sometimes just indicated as "web document." Dynamic documents, ones that contain programming so that they display different information depending on context, can be other types such as ".asp" or ".php".But now you want to be able to make simple updates yourself; for example, add a phone number or email address. In a Content Management System (CMS), the text and images for each page (known as the "content") are easily updated by using a web-based word-processor-style interface.So the site editors so not need to know HTML to make changes.

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