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Research positions to gain a solid understanding of what you want to do as well as the qualifications employers are seeking.

Add a resume objective that spells out your goals and shows the relevance of past experience.

Edit Ruthlessly As you add new information to your resume, also consider the usefulness of older or less relevant experience.

This will ensure your resume doesn't become unwieldy.

List training programs you've begun, even if you haven't completed them.

This shows your commitment to ongoing professional development.

Include New Professional Activities Add professional-development activities you completed last year, including certificates, degrees, courses and in-service training.

Also include professional organizations you've joined and industry conferences you've attended.

Don't forget about your new skills, including technical and computer ones.

Make sure your resume instantly communicates your career target with a descriptive headline (e.g., "CPA Backed by Corporate Audit Experience") and adequately reflects your depth and breadth of experience in a brief, hard-hitting opening summary highlighting your top selling points.

Arm yourself with an updated, high-octane resume, and this could be the year that you land a better job.

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