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Internet Explorer (IE), formerly Microsoft Internet Explorer (MIE), is a series of web browsers developed by Microsoft which has included as part of their Windows operating systems starting in 1995.

While it was the dominant browser for many years, Microsoft Edge has now replaced it as Microsoft's default browser.

Chief among those are patches to address four moderately terrifying flaws in Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Service, a feature which allows users to remotely access and administer a Windows computer as if they were actually seated in front of the remote computer.Very often fixes released on Patch Tuesday have glitches that cause problems for an indeterminate number of Windows systems.When this happens, Microsoft then patches their patches to minimize the same problems for users who haven’t yet applied the updates, but it sometimes takes a few days for Redmond to iron out the kinks.Nevertheless, it is frustrating when being diligent about applying patches introduces so many unfixable problems that you’re forced to completely reinstall the OS and all of the programs that ride on top of it.On the bright side, my newly-refreshed Windows computer is a bit more responsive than it was before crash hell. First off, don’t let Microsoft decide when to apply patches and reboot your computer.

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