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Updategrams provide an XML-based method of updating data in a SQL Server database.They are basically templates with special attributes and elements that allow you to specify the data you want to update and how you want to update it.I still won't use blob when the data is native VFP data.When the fpt corrupts, you lose ALL of the image data.

so if your data is already contained in a blob field you would have to generate your report by creating a standalone temporary graphic file from the blob data.... a division of Am Tech Software not use Blob fields. The only reason it works for you so far is that you've had lucky software installed.Running the report now takes three steps: opening the table (perhaps also done in the report dataenvironment), creating the variable Image1, then calling Report Form... Put the individual's JPG images into their own JPG files and store them in some directory(s) on your system and then put the fully pathed filename into the individual's data record(s) so that they can be located by your application.The Report Form Image object refers to a I disagree, blob is not the enemy.But if you already have data in blobs and are happy with it, I don't see a reason to make such a step away from it. Many Many thanks OLAF you're ACE Olaf, you are correct.It may help in making that report easier, but an unknown number of forms needs to be changed then to the use of pictures vs blob fields. My mind saw blob and immediately translated it to general.

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