Updating firmware canon rebel xt navnat speed dating

Believe it or not some people wanted more from their cameras and the only option was to team up with other smart people and write their own firmware!

This started back in 2009 after Canon first released the 5D mark II, a full-frame (35mm) sensor body that was also capable of recording full HD video.

If the battery fails during the firmware update or the update is interrupted in some manner, the risk is having a camera without usable software.

Meaning you have a dead camera that you have to take to the manufacturer to fix!

When a new camera is assembled the manufacturer loads the firmware that was designed at that time.

You can check for the latest firmware by looking at the manufactures support and downloads section of their website for your brand and model of camera.You need not know why they have this scheme, just know what version is the latest for your camera model and use that to keep your camera up to date.Other camera manufacturers generally have just one firmware version to install.Look for higher version numbers than the one found on your camera.If the version numbers are the same, there is no need to perform an update.

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