Updating direct draw error updating view b tree structure is invalid

Before the the upgrade/update everything was working fine, I was even able to watch at H264 DVB programs, even though it was sometimes a bit slow and using a lot of CPU.But after the upgrade/update, my old bundled version of Power DVD, which never had any problem, started to complain about Direct Draw Overlay missing: In other apps like Prog DVB or Media Player Classic, VMR9 is not working anymore, it automatically switches back to the standard VMR.I have reinstalled Direct X again once in VGA standard mode, updated the video drivers to v8.5, reinstalled Direct X again with the ATI drivers, but it didn't help.I have the feeling that the update of Direct X may have screwed something, but what and how to fix it ?If Direct X is installed correctly, it will read "No problems found."Read the "Feature Levels" line in the Drivers section to see which versions of Direct X your video card supports.

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In other words you made a mistake not reinstalling in the first place. The ATI removal tool is pretty effective these days and I have not had to it manually with XP. In ME and 98 if I left the old inf files Windows would just reinstall on reboot before I could install the new drivers. It seems removing the ATI drivers in the Device Manager also removed the INF files.

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Hello, After I've upgraded and updated my computer I have lost the ability to use Direct Draw Overlay and VMR9.

It was a major hardware upgrade as I've changed the mobo (from Abit IC7-Max3 to Abit IP35 Pro with 2GB of OCZ PC2-6400), the processor (from P4 2.8GHz HT to Core2Duo E6850) and the graphics card (from Ge Cube ATI Radeon 9800 Pro to ASUS ATI Radeon HD 3870).

I had no problem during the installation of the drivers and never got any error nor warning message.

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