Updating a meade 497 controller instructions

I borrowed a Meade USB to RS-232 Bridge Cable from a friend and connected the telescope, Autostar controller up with my computer.The Bridge Cable permits connection of any Meade telescope's RS-232 serial interface to a PC's USB port.Information given includes surface temperature, size, distance from Earth, and mythology.

Note: The total shipping costs from CA to AR and back ran approximately 0. Sherrod on 7/5/06, very well packed, having suffered no damage due to shipping.The declination clutch would not work at all and no alignment procedure would get the telescope to track.I knew that something vital had broken inside of the telescope. Sherrod and he assured me that he would not only fix the problem inside of the scope, but replace the plastic parts inside of the telescope with metal, clean the optics and primary mirror, fine tune the focus and provide documentation and technical info galore for 7 shipping.The 12V DC power connector was replaced on the side panel, the telescope's internal light baffles were adjusted to provide maximum image contrast, the right angle prism was aligned with the optical path, the telescope elements were collimated to a high degree of accuracy, all of the grease was cleaned off and new grease applied, the focus travel was smoothed out, the azimuth and declination gearing was fixed or replaced (my original problem), the clutches for both axes were fine tuned, and the stepper motors for both axes were 'trained' with actual star tracking over 45 minutes each.After the drives were trained, a 'long stare' test was conducted, keeping an object in the field of view automatically for over two hours.

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