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This will utilize a folder named after the computer (utilizing the %OSDCOMPUTERNAME% variable) in the specified server share path, and by simply renaming the folder you can control if the data is restored to another machine.If you are using a TS based upon the client template, then if you do a new computer/bare metal deployment, as long as there is a matching folder in the UNC path, USMT data will be restored to the bare metal machine without having to create an association prior to imaging that new computer.Because necessity is the mother of invention, I wrote a simple HTA program that I use to keep an eye on the progress of computers being deployed.This solves the problem of going to the laboratory to check on a computer, only to find that it is still being deployed!So Config Mgr & MDT have built-in actions to handle HDD Encryption by disabling the protectors etc..Third party products generally don’t provide these means as its considered a security risk.We will use a Client Replace Task Sequence to gather the data, then we will use another task sequence that is MDT Integrated to Refresh the system as a bare metal New computer deployment and restore the data.

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You can specify “Finish Action” in your to tell the computer what to do after the deployment is completed. The available options are SHUTDOWN, REBOOT, RESTART, LOGOFF, and “BLANK”.So the challenge is how do i perform a computer refresh to my computer systems that are encrypted?Well you could painfully decrypt the HDD but that would take hours., over the past few months I have been updating the deployment walkthrough videos and I am pleased to announce that the whole video series has now been posted.In all there are seven videos (around 10 hours of content) – you can see the Remember that you can download the video file (instead of streaming it) directly from the Tech Net Edge web page for each video – look for the “Downloads” section at the bottom of the page to download the .

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