Trans gender dating

You can also rate the reputation of other users by clicking on the icon--one click to like, another click to take it back.

You can enable the notifications for the likes that your posts receive.

You can report inappropriate contents by clicking on the flag link and filling out the report form.

You will notice that there are members who don't share a lot on their profiles.

You can upload any photo that you like, but you must follow the community guidelines. There is a site administrator who will flag your pictures once he or she notices any sexually explicit or graphic content in them.

Of course, you are encouraged to upload your real photo and not deceive other members.

On group discussion and forums, the members like to talk about things like "Coming Out," Transition Issues, Hook up Stories and Sex Advice.

You may also add folders to your inbox to organize your messages. It just like an email address with some additional features.

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If you see a message that makes you uncomfortable, report the person who sent that message, so the administrator can check on it.Giving appreciation to other's post is one good way of expressing yourself.Users gain points or reputation when somebody likes their posts.It also allows the user to format the content on the blog posts, forums, and etc.BBCode function includes the formatting of the article's font color and size.

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