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I mean, I would imagine I should be widening my criteria, not the opposite :) But was/is my observation nonetheless... It amazes me to no end how many guys marry women that never cook or clean, or that like umm "affection", or that are spendthrifts. ---------------------------------- "i disagree with your analysis [or judgment], nevertheless you have the responsibility of moderating this board so i honor your authority to make the moderating decisions." I met my 2nd wife 5 years ago at work.The reason you say this Jack is because you and your wife are the A B system. She loves football and baseball so that is a huge plus. You want to date because you want to find a mate for life? Not sure what you do for a living, but it has been one of the better decisions that I have made.Personally, I would never date somebody just because they are a triathlete or not date somebody just because they are.

Churches do their best to function as communities of believers, hosting social events and group studies on popular topics as well as explicitly religious ones.If your partner is a dedicated triathlete, he will spend anywhere from 15 to 25 hours each week training. Long-lasting love is also about compromise and supporting each other’s differences.Let’s also assume that your partner is not a professional triathlete so add on a 40-plus-hour workweek. Of course, you can make yourself and your partner miserable by resenting them, the sport and everything and everyone to do with it, but that doesn’t make much sense, does it?You are type B, casual about aero and training, and your wife is the type A who murders children and crushes dreams like a cycling sucubus :) Worked out well for my GF and me. She's a much stronger swimmer and runner than me but I tear her up on the bike, mountain bike, and CX. Whenever my wife comes with me, it takes her longer to get ready than for me to complete my workout. Finally she loves to cook and clean (well doesn't love cleaning) and my house and laundry are clean every day and dinner on the table every night, which is hugely important to me. We both work in the technical field and it is very refreshing to discuss work stuff with a sympathetic, understanding person.Just make sure you get along when you're not training and it'll be fine. It amazes me to no end how many guys marry women that never cook or clean, or that like umm "affection", or that are spendthrifts. We also train together, mainly swimming and biking.

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