Therapist dating former patient

They were surprised at the number of participants in their samples who had engaged in sex with therapists.The extensive data that Masters and Johnson collected on each participant allowed them to compare the consequences of sex with a therapist to the consequences of other events such as consensual sexual relationships with a spouse or life-partner, consensual sex occurring outside long-term relationships, and various forms of rape, incest, and abuse.Nevertheless, research suggests that perpetrators account for about 4.4% of therapists (7% of male therapists; 1.5% of female therapists) when data from national studies are pooled.

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They may be suffering trauma from rape, incest, or domestic violence.So striking were the harmful consequences associated with therapist-patient sex that Masters and Johnson wrote: "We feel that when sexual seduction of patients can be firmly established by due legal process, regardless of whether the seduction was initiated by the patient or the therapist, the therapist should be sued for rape rather than malpractice, i.e., the legal process should be criminal rather than civil." Psychologist Phyllis Chesler, in her landmark 1972 study , included a section on therapist-patient sex.She reported consequences among the sample of women whom she studied including severe depression and suicide.When people are hurting, unhappy, frightened, or confused, they may seek help from a therapist.They may be depressed, perhaps thinking of killing themselves.

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