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From an evolutionary perspective, it’s viewed as strengthening and perpetuating the species. Researchers question every conceivable situation around marriage.From a sociological vantage, marriage creates bonds between and among groups. For example: More recently, researchers are exploring these questions within the context of same-sex couples.Different triangle shapes show different balances of the three kinds of love.When balanced, an equilateral triangle represents the love relationship.Marriage occurs in every status and at various educational levels. What is it about marriage that garners so much attention?

They are: Increasing a couple’s cognitive self-disclosure is the single best way to increase their level of intimacy (Waring, 1988.) Developed by Robert J. The center of intimacy is the closeness, connectedness, and bond in the relationship.Think back to when you first began fantasizing about a future relationship.What basis did you use to qualify a potential mate? For some, media and books form the foundation for what love and loving relationships are.The final part of the equation, decision/commitment don’t have to happen together.For example, a person could decide to love someone, but not pursue a long-term commitment.

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