The dating system of bc to ad

The terms BC and AD, though used for many years, are based on a specifically Christian point of view: A. If you read the New Testament, that was probably supposed to happen no later than the first century or so. Because it didn’t imply that Christianity was necessarily the true religion, just the religion that had become very common.

Easy to explain: it was the Christian obsession with trying to predict the Second Coming of Jesus. this was far more politically correct, and therefore acceptable to Jewish, Muslim and atheist scholars.

CE stands for “common (or current) era”, while BCE stands for “before the common (or current) era”.

These abbreviations have a shorter history than BC and AD, although they still date from at least the early 1700s.

But the new nomenclature that scholars started using was: B.

stands for “after death.” This is only half correct.

Despite originating in the Western Christian tradition, its use has spread throughout the world and now transcends religious, cultural and linguistic boundaries.

Thus, “Anno Domini.”This nomenclature — AD/BC — was extremely common until just a few decades ago.

It’s obvious why it changed: because it became politically incorrect to refer to years solely by a reference to Christianity, even though the numbers themselves did not change.

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