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This prohibition of hadiths was continued until Omar Ibn Abdel-Aziz permitted the writing of the hadith, then many books and (Kararees) appeared containing hadiths, e.g. In these books a new religion was written that dominated over the Quran despite the claim for the opposite.

Ibn Greeg, Malik Ibn Anas, Mohammed Ibn Is'haq. In writing these books, the authors did not care if the hadiths were contradicting the Quran or the other hadiths or even common sense. The number of hadiths collected and attributed to Prophet Muhammed is in the hundreds of thousands, as much as 700,000.

Abu Hurayra said, we collected what we wrote of hadiths and burned them in fire.(4) In the famous book, "Taq-yeed Al-Ilm", Abu Hurayra said, the Messenger of God was informed that some people are writing his hadiths.

He took to the pulpit of the mosque and said, "What are these books that I heard you wrote? Anyone who has any of these writings should bring it here.

However, the following hadith, which was reported 30 years after the death of the Prophet, confirms that Prophet Muhammed never authorised the writing of the hadiths after he instructed his followers not to write anything other than the Quran.

Zayd Ibn Thabit (The Prophet's closest revelation writer) visited the Khalifa Mu'aawiyah (more than 30 years after the Prophet's death), and told him a story about the Prophet.

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The Final Sermon given by the Prophet during this pilgrimage was witnessed by thousands of Muslims.For two centuries, in accordance to the instructions left by the Prophet, there was no authorised documentation of the hadith.Out of the sahih collections we have today, the first to be written was that of Bukhari who was born in the year 194 after Hijra (870 AD).It is historically true that hadiths were written as early as the Prophet's time, but the Prophet and those who ruled after him condemned these writings, destroyed them and looked at those who wrote these hadiths with disgrace.The hadith books mentioned that Prophet Muhammed burned the collected hadiths, and was very angry at people making "another book with the book of Allah." Abu Baker and Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, were also reported to burn the hadiths collections.

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