Texas cps dating law

The House budget included million to increase community-based substance use treatment across the state, but the Senate budget ignored this pressing need.

Senator Perry’s SB 195 has the potential to help the state identify areas where the state should work to increase substance use treatment options, but the bill as filed and the committee substitute do not include recommended changes that would help the state use the data to target services where they are needed most.

The purpose of this hearing is not to make you prove that you deserve to get your children back, but for CPS to prove that there is a continuing risk of danger to the children if they go home with you.

For example, in 2017, lawmakers invested in a significant pay raise for child abuse investigators, which cut down on staff turnover and investigation delays that endangered kids; they put standards in place to quickly check on the medical needs of kids entering foster care; and they worked to reform the entire child welfare system through Community Based Care.

Those were important steps, but we and others also made clear that much more work was needed.

But so far, we’re not seeing a lot of progress at the Legislature for supporting those same kids when they’re outside of school, including when they are involved with Child Protective Services (CPS).

Two years ago, we applauded the Legislature for taking some important first steps to strengthen CPS and make sure more kids were safe and supported.

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