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I recommend nine web sites (seven free and two paid) for making connections–whether you are looking to join or form a retreat group, or even for someone looking looking for a “prepper” spouse.They are: – – The Prepper Groups [“Meet-up”] web page–a free service courtesy of the folks at Prepper – – Prepper – – – – Sovereign Grace Singles – – Survivalist – – Christian (a paid matchmaking service–based on in-depth questionnaires) – – Farmers is an online dating-type site that caters to: “Farmers, Ranchers, Ag Students and all of Agriculture, Horse, Livestock Owners and all Animal Lovers Cowboys, Cowgirls, Rodeo Fans and Country Wannabes” – – Chris Martenson’s Resilient Life Groups Page.BTW, if you use this service, then please give Prepper some business. Needless to say, use discretion when using these services.As a prepared individual, you have more to lose than most folks.I’m often asked “How do I find people in my area that share my interest in preparedness?” When recruiting for a retreat group, or if you are considering joining an existing one, proceed with appropriate OPSEC precautions, extensive background/reference checks, and prayer.Think OPSEC Another proven method of finding like-minded people has had remarkable success: wearing or carrying the Survival Blog logo.We offer a variety of T-shirts, hats, bumper stickers, and tote bags with the distinctive Survival Blog logo. I have heard from folks throughout the US and Canada, and even from as far away as Iraq that have had people stop dead in their tracks and exclaim with a huge grin: “You read Survival Blog?

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Shelter, water, avoiding injury and buying found all take precedence over cooking.

Shtf Dating Sites Shtf Dating Sites If most significant for your protection care now.

If you are permitted to hold on to a fire arm then learn the best way to use it first.

Shtf Dating Sites Your family, especially your children, will not want to eat new food during a disastrous or problem.

Having similar food to normal will help lower stress levels when like seems irregular.

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