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Google Maps Street View's team have trekked to a remote location, where the remains of a historic gem have been revealed.

Cameras for the website have captured the stony remains of an 11th Century castle, nestled on top of sand dunes.

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It peeks out from the undulating dudes of the Kenfig Burrows yet, sadly, is the only architectural remain left.

In the 1920's, the site was filled with architects who investigated a section of dunes.

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Although in its heyday the surrounding village formally boasted 11,00 inhabitants, now there are none.You can watch the pickups with or without explanations along with it.The DVD includes full interviews with the two pick up artists in the videos -Alex and Stephen.It is clearly marked with a pin on the map yet when snaps show a closer view, the mossy remains are almost camouflaged with the surrounding countryside.The top of the keep of the castle is now the only thing that can still be half-spotted on the Google cameras.

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