Straight women dating gay men

There was no-one doing that I’m-too-sexy dance that women sometimes do in crowded spaces where pushing often comes to shoving.

There were just a bunch of guys who all wanted the same thing — to have a good time and maybe make out with another guy between dance sessions.

Based on a series of scenarios presented to female college student volunteers, the scientists found that straight women trust gay men more in dating scenarios because a) the men are not competing with them for mates (unlike other straight women), and 2) the gay men are not interested in mating with the women themselves.

This lack of ulterior motives made the men more trustworthy with regard to dating, but not other contexts.

Sure they may have less competition there, but don’t they already rule the rest of the earth?

Like various other gay venues around town, it’s gotten around local anti-discrimination laws to enforce a strict men-only code.

I’d been to The Peel many times during its more flexible co-ed days, but it wasn’t until I returned for the first time in nearly half a decade and found the place packed almost entirely with gay men and a few scattered drag queens that it hit me.

Maybe this also explains why the reverse relationship (lesbian women and straight men) is not really a thing?

Why (and When) Straight Women Trust Gay Men: Ulterior Mating Motives and Female Competition“Previous findings indicate that heterosexual women experience a greater sense of comfort and trust in their friendships with gay men than in their friendships with heterosexual individuals.

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