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Watkins (1829-1916) was born in 1829 in Oneonta, New York. The Huntington Library does not require that researchers request permission to quote from or publish images of this material, nor does it charge fees for such activities.In 1851, he migrated to Sacramento, California in the company of businessman Collis P. He began his photographic career as an apprentice to established San Francisco Bay area studio photographers Robert H. The responsibility for identifying the copyright holder, if there is one, and obtaining necessary permissions rests with the researcher.

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The views capture scenes of travel, agriculture, architecture, daily activities, and special events.For everything except the Wilburn collection, Emily Symonds cropped and rotated the images using Photoshop CS3 and then batch converted the TIFFs to JPEGs of "best" quality and resized them to 600 pixels in the longest dimension using Irfan View version 3.98. Howard performed these tasks for the Wilburn collection using Photoshop CS2 and Irfan View version 4.23. All JPEGs were uploaded into CONTENTdm version 4.3. To modern viewers, they serve as "a primary source for the study of nineteenth-century social history, reflecting social conventions and cultural values." (Fife) A number of websites offer tips on viewing stereographs without the use of a stereoscope. This digital collection, which may be periodically updated with additional images, currently includes the following collections.Duplicates have been eliminated, and stereograph backs are only displayed if they contain explanatory text other than publication information.

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